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The first official downstairs disco mix from our man dj btk. this mix is what the downstairs disco series is all about. filled with house, funk, electro and those unique, head shaking jams that only btk finds.

volume 2 comes from thedatenight. filled with all the electo bangers in the arsenal.

volume 3 is all about feeling warm and fuzzy inside. an after thanksgiving dinner mix filled with melodic beats, slow choppy samples, and african rhythms.

bernie glomax goes straight up early 2000’s nu-disco on us for volume 4 of the series.

Rare 45 records and nuttin’ but rare 45 records.

Volume 6 is a hodgepodge of goodies. electro, hip-hop, new and old disco classics run through this mix.

This one is for true hip-hop fans, filled with all the essential throwbacks you need.

Hip-Hop Classics pt. 2.

notorious b.i.g. tribute mix.

gf’s valentine’s day mix with some of our favorite sexy remixes.

Dd 11 is packed with indie classics. hipster party overdrive.

fuzzy guitars & glitchy progressions.

lucky number 13 is all about that raw funk disco.

TDN mixes up vol. 14. with nothing but house house house.

vol. 15 got all the house.

downstairs disco stew. ingredients include: disco/funk/house/african beat.

vol. 17 has got everything you need for the upcoming warm weather.

Get the funk outta my face.

Downstairs Disco (4/20 edition)

Vol. 20 cums at you hard. French house and fun party jams.

disco dubs and drums loops that will touch your soul.

ooo boy. goldenfang’s early 2000’s rnb mix will get those juices flowing.

space disco all day.

This one is stellar!! downstairs disco + MDW weekend = Poolside disco and BBQ funk that should be played at every party this summer.

disco dubs all night long.

big ol’ drops mix. some hard house and big beat on this one.

some fun house jams in here.

this is your pool party soundtrack.

get it in.